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ProBro - browser with proxy for bypassing sites' blocking. It doesn't matter who has blocked the internet resource, governement oryour office administrator - ProBro will help you to open it. Most proxy lists contain information about anonymous proxy servers.If you use proxy server with a high leveled anonymity, you can hide your real IP-address.To get started, you need to add at least one proxy server, specifying IP-address and port.When adding proxy list occurs test compound with it. Using the context menu, you can test the proxy from the list at any time. If the server is not responding (in the list of its response time is equal to 0) - the proxy will not be used. In the default server is used with the lowest latency. However, it is possible in always change the proxy server by using the menu "Select a proxy." It may be useful if the requests from the current proxy blocked site administrator,  or vice versa, the site is blocked by the administrator of the proxy server.ProBro futeres:- HTTP/HTTPS proxy support;- Quick change of the current proxy;- no root-access required